Prof. Rodney Fitch CBE 1938-2014

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Dad’s death.

One of the terrible things about losing someone you love is that their memory will fade and that their spirit will recede into the past.

So I was pleased to find these lovely photos of Dad on a USB stick by chance last week. These photos, taken in the last year of his life, show Dad in animated discussion in London with Rogier van der Heide from Philips Lighting. His love of design and his passion for the subject are clearly evident in these photos and his cheerful enthusiasm is still a joy to see. Inspiring for me and for others I hope.

As Rumi said  “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

Louisa Fitch
October 19th 2017

View the publication these photos were taken for here :

And Thank you to Vanessa Champion @DragonflyComms  – for letting me use her photos for this post.